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Fundamentals of Artificial Neural Network - MATLAB

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This course is designed for those who want to learn the Artificial Neural Network from scratch. It doesn’t matter which software you are familiar with or which branch you belong to. You will gain a foundational understanding of what an artificial neural network is and how it functions after taking this course. Once you've mastered the fundamentals, this course shows you how to create ANN code using MATLAB simulation and code. Once it is finished, this course will assist you in developing an ANN model quickly using MATLAB's tools and apps. So this course would be really beneficial if you want to start with artificial neural networks. After completing this course, school students can also easily understand what an Artificial Neural Network is and how it works. This course is extremely helpful for research scholars of various engineering branches who want to start with Artificial Neural Network as an application. If anyone is using MATLAB for simulation of power electronics & drive, power system or electric circuit simulation, then this course will open new doors to explore Artificial Neural Network and use it along with the MATLAB simulations. Why wait any longer? Enroll in the course and start learning Fundamentals of Artificial Neural Network with MATLAB.



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