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Fundamentals of Electric Vehicle Engineering

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The world is changing, and the automobile industry is adopting electric vehicle systems much faster than ever before. The electric vehicle system achieved a lot in the last decade and now it is on track to fulfill the goal of a green transportation system with efficient and sustainable energy sources. The total number of electric cars worldwide had only 0.02 million in 2010 which is increased to more than 7 million in 2020. Imagine the same growth rate for the decade 2020-2030, and then one can realize the real future of the electric vehicle market worldwide. Electric Vehicle Engineering requires multidisciplinary expertise like electrical, mechanical, automobile, power electronics, electronics & communication, and computer engineers. This course is designed on fundamental engineering aspects of the electric vehicle system that must be known and understood by each team member irrespective of their branch. The main aim of this course is to explain basic requirements, goals, and issues related to electric vehicle system design. It starts with the history of the automobile and electric vehicle system and leads to every detail one needs to know about the electric vehicle system. This course is suitable for engineering students of any branch who wish to work with electric vehicle industries in the future. Know more:



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