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MATLAB for Power Electronics:Simulation & Analysis

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This course covers hands-on simulation practice starting from a very basic electric circuit to advanced result reporting skills. In the first section (Ch 2) you will learn how to simulate basic AC & DC circuits with the help of MATLAB software. This section "Simulation of Electric Circuits" is designed for beginners and it explains all about simulation and analysis of electric circuits. It also explains better ways of representing results for reports and project documents. It covers formatting tips for better visualization and appearance of canvas which helps in representing simulation model as block diagram view by taking a screenshot of the canvas. In the second section (Ch 3- Ch 6), you will learn how to simulate and analyze power electronics converters with the help of MATLAB software. It covers the simulation of all basic converters including chopper (DC/DC), Inverter (DC/AC), Regulator (AC/AC), and phase-controlled rectifier (AC/DC). It includes designing power circuit and control circuits both. It also covers how these simulations can be used for effective analysis and a better understanding of power electronics circuits. This course includes fully developed simulation files of more than 25 power electronics circuits. Know more:



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