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Modelling & Simulations of SRM Drive

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Switched reluctance motor (SRM) offers many advantages over other motors mainly for their simple mechanical structure and magnetless operation. After first demonstration in mid 18’s, SRM not only survived but also gaining interest exponentially amongst researchers due to availability of advanced, sophisticated and economical power electronics devices. Global interest of energy efficient transportation system is the main reason for current hike in the research trend of SRM and considered as best suitable energy efficient and cost effective motor to power electric vehicles. MATLAB Simulation plays a very important role in the research and development of engineering projects, products and system. It helps predicting performance of the system, to validate control strategies and saves the time of product development. This course includes all the necessary detail required to design and develop simulation model of SRM Drive. It explains and compares different non-linear mathematical modelling techniques to model SRM. MATLAB simulations of SRM & drive have been explained step by step including motor model, commutation pulse generation, current control, voltage pwm control, speed control techniques, closed loop control techniques, load characteristics, electric & regenerative braking and more. Know more:



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