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Fundamentals of Switched Reluctance Motor & Drive

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Switched Reluctance Motor is one of the oldest electric motor that is competing since 180 years. Availability of sophisticated and economical power electronics technology gave rebirth to the most efficient and robust motor -SRM. Due to higher efficiency, magnet-less operation and simple mechanical structure, SRM becomes most preferable electric motor for latest electric vehicle applications. Recently advanced version of SR technology have been used to power Tesla Model 3 electric car and claimed significant increased in range (efficiency) compared to induction motor used in Model S. SRM offers numbers of benefit like higher efficiency, less weight, low cost, reduced manufacturing process time, wide constant power region, fault tolerant operation and superior performance even at comparative higher temperature. This course explains each and every fundamental detail about switched reluctance motor and drive. Starting from fundamental operation of SRM, it covers extreme detail about each parameters and terms related to Motor, converter as well as controller. It includes SRM geometries, magnetic characteristics, inductance profile, angular parameters, torque equation, torque speed characteristics, converter topologies, speed control, closed-loop control, braking, regeneration, torque ripple, acoustic noise etc. Know more:



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