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🚲 Convert your old bicycle into a powerful e-bike

Step by step guidance to convert old bicycle to an powerful ebike.

Language: English

Instructor: Dr. Jignesh Makwana

Why this course?



Have you ever though about converting your bicycle into an electric  bike? 

Then this online challenge program is for you.  Experience a new way of learning skills with doing it yourself.  

Get the step by step DIY guidance  to convert old bicycle to an powerful  ebike. 

Also get connected to other participants and exchange ideas to  grow.  

Join the online challenge today and convert your bicycle into an e-bike.

Course Summary

Course Curriculum

1: Getting Startted

  • Why convert an old bicycle to an e-bike?

  • How much it cost?

2: Conversion Kit

  • What are the component required?

  • What different types of kits & parts available in the market?

3: Hub motor & Parts

  • Selecting specifications of Hub Motor

  • Selecting Brakes, Freewheel & Gears

  • Finalize the hub motor

4. Controller & Throttle

  • Selecting a Controller

  • Selecting a Throttle

  • Pedal Assist System

5. Battery & Charger

  • Selecting a Battery Type

  • Selecting a Battery Specification

  • Battery discharge capacity

  • Selecting a Battery Charger:

  • Battery Safety & precautions

6. Buying project parts online

  • Purchasing a complete kit

  • Ordering other parts

7: Connections & Tools

  • Assembling hub motor to rear wheel

  • Mounting Battery, Controller & Throttle

  • Connecting a motor to controller

  • Connecting a throttle to controller

  • Connecting power lock terminal of controller

  • Connecting a battery to controller

8: Testing Troubleshoot & Tips

  • First check & go ride




Course Preview

Course Instructor

IMG_20180629_025448 - Copy.jpg

Ph.d, IIT Roorkee

In 2013, Dr. Jignesh Makwana earned a Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering from the Indian Institute of Technology Roorkee. Since the previous 15 years, he has been teaching power electronics, electric drives, control systems, and other subjects in engineering colleges. From 2013 until 2017, he was an associate professor and the head of the Electrical Engineering Department at Marwadi University in Rajkot. He currently works as a product design and development consultant for a number of firms in the fields of electric drives and power electronics. He also assists numerous reputable universities in developing engineering curricula and syllabuses as a BOS member.

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