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Inverter : Learn most important power electronics converter

Everything you need to know about single phase & three phase inverters

Language: English

Instructor: Dr. Jignesh Makwana

Why this course?


Inverter is a most utilized device amongst the entire power electronics  converters. That’s why it gained importance and covers major part of  syllabus like subject Power Electronics – 1 or Power Electronics -2 or  under similar title of power electronics subject. This course explains  all about inverter with most simplified way. This course has a  capability to lift you from beginner to expert for the subject power  electronics. Major topics covered in this course are single phase  inverter, three phase inverter, harmonics analysis, Fourier series,  total harmonics distortion –THD, voltage & frequency control of  Inverter & PWM control techniques.

Course Summary

Who this course is for:

  • Electrical Engineering Students

  • Power Electronics Engineering Students

  • Electronics Engineering

  • Anyone interested in Inverter

What you'll learn

  • Importance of Inverter

  • How inverter works?

  • Single Phase Inverter

  • Three Phase Inverter

  • 180 degree and 120 modes of operations

  • Power Circuit, Gate Drive Circuit & Control Circuit

  • Use of Fourier series for waveform analysis

  • Harmonics Analysis & THD calculation of various waveforms

  • Different Voltage & Frequency Control Methods

  • Pulse Width Modulation Control Techniques including Sine PWM


  • Basic knowledge about electric circuit, network and components

Course Curriculum

Ch. 1: Introduction to Inverter

1.1: Course Introduction

1.2: Importance of an Inverter

Ch 2: Single Phase Inverter

2.1: Single Phase Square Wave Inverter

2.2: Power Circuit, Gate Drive Circuit & Gate Pulse

2.3: RLC Load and Diode in Power Circuit

2.4: Mathematical Analysis of Single Phase Inverter

Ch 3: Three Phase Inverter

3.1: Three Phase Inverter Topology & Switching Sequence

3.2: Three Phase Waveform for Star Load

3.3: Three Phase Waveform for Delta Load

3.4: 120 Degree Mode of Operation

3.5: Shoot Through Fault & Dead Band Circuit

Ch 4: Fourier Analysis & THD

4.1: Quest to Produced waveform closed to sine-wave

4.2: Fourier analysis & THD

4.3: Analysis of Square Wave

4.4: Analysis of Quasi Square Wave

4.5: Analysis of Stepped Wave (180 mode phase voltage)

4.6: Analysis of Notched (Multiplulse) Waveform

4.7: Harmonics due to Inverter

4.8: Performance Parameter of Inverter

4.9: Summary of Harmonics Analysis & THD

Ch 5: Voltage & Frequency Control

5.1: Requirement of Voltage & Frequency Control

5.2: Frequency Control

5.3: Input Voltage Control

5.4: Output Voltage Control

5.5: Parallel Inverter Voltage Control

5.6: Internal Voltage Control Method

Ch 6: PWM Techniques

6.1: Introduction to PWM Techniques

6.2: Single Pulse PWM

6.3: Harmonics Analysis of Single Pulse PWM

6.4: Symmetrical Multiple Pulse PWM

6.5: Sine PWM




Course Preview

Course Instructor

IMG_20180629_025448 - Copy.jpg

Ph.d, IIT Roorkee

In 2013, Dr. Jignesh Makwana earned a Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering from the Indian Institute of Technology Roorkee. Since the previous 15 years, he has been teaching power electronics, electric drives, control systems, and other subjects in engineering colleges. From 2013 until 2017, he was an associate professor and the head of the Electrical Engineering Department at Marwadi University in Rajkot. He currently works as a product design and development consultant for a number of firms in the fields of electric drives and power electronics. He also assists numerous reputable universities in developing engineering curricula and syllabuses as a BOS member.

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