Do we really need online teaching - learning or classroom teaching is still better?

Well every change needs to pass through obstacles and it's still good, there is nothing to restrict yourself to oppose or to discuss.

Here I am talking about teaching & learning methods, yes, it’s about school to higher education and colleges.

Technical education is at the center of the technology advancement which adds better comfort and improves lifestyle for humanity since years.

With technology development many field and the way we work has changed vastly. Most things become simple and comfortable as compared to the past. But still the way of technical teaching and learning remains almost unbenefited or unoptimized in terms of work burden, effective outcomes, and the way we measure both teaching as well as learning.

At we are committed to continuous update and upgrade the teaching-learning methods to make is more interesting and valuable.

It's not only education system, but the mindset of new generation students to acquire skills rather than cramming for grades, influenced most for changing education and it is the main reason for gaining popularity of online education at a level never before. They are self motivated, more creative and more confident than any other. They know how to use the technology wisely and always preferred smart work over hard work. They value their time and want balance equally for their life, hobbies, relations and career equally .

Let’s make it a little bit shorter but interesting.

Let’s discuss the benefits and limitations of online teaching and learning as compared to classroom.

Note that here comparing teaching means from the teacher's perspective and comparing learning means from the students perspective.

Online Vs Classroom Teaching

Have you being bored by teaching the same subject repeatedly?

Instead investing time for the same subject each time, imagine if you could learn new things daily and also teach them.

Classroom Teaching Pros:

  • That level of respect of being GURU is the most feminist point of classroom teaching. In India, students never forget their teachers either of school or colleges. And that’s the highest esteem earned by teachers from classroom teaching.

Classroom Teaching Cons:

  • Students of average private institutes are not self driven, need to motivate continuously.

  • Required spontaneous response skill on many aspects like questions, mischief.

  • Utilization of 1 hour and preparing content and completing on time.

  • Supervision and paper assessment

  • Daily attendance

  • Assignment checking

  • Stand Up teaching

Online Teaching Pros:

  • Students are self motivated and self driven

  • Your creativity of designing course, syllabus will be rewarded

  • Online education is accepting growing exponentially so have better scope

  • No degree required to teach the skill you possess: Before it was never imagined that one can design and sell photography courses.

  • Global existence, students from all over the world,

  • Thousand of students, again huge earning potential

  • Teaching with seating

Online Teaching Cons:

  • Spends 10 times more for preparing presentation, contents & delivery

  • Required extra skills like photo-videography, editing audio video, on camera appearance.

  • Competition is high and also increasing with growing demands of online courses

Online Vs Classroom Learning

Here a few benefits as well as limitations of online learning are summarized. However you can always add more from your experience.

Online Learning Pros:

  • If you are looking for online course that means you are self-motivated

  • Learn together and let the world know you

  • Helps in building professional network

  • Most courses have lifetime access and continuous updation

  • Self evaluation at convenient time

  • Inactive students in the classroom are found most active in discussion and interaction online

  • Self paced course, complete at your own time

  • No pressure or worry but still motivated to learn

  • Accessible to mobile, table, TV also

  • Free courses are available

  • Very affordable rates

  • Pay for selective subjects only

  • Subscription plan are available

Online Learning Cons:

  • Nothing can beat hands-on practice & experiments performed by the students. However few online teachers shares good assignments, gave tasks, DIY projects and gave feedback to assess the work to deal with this issue.

  • Not placement support: Most platform does not guarantee placement but that true to other institute as well accept few high ranked institute. We at trying to solve this by approaching industry and spending enough time to learn their future requirements and what they feel about skills they need in their employees.

  • No degree validation: Many institutes now rely on their own entrance test regardless of degree certificate and this practice is growing. To have more clear idea, let me share experience of my friend from India. He completed graduation as production engineer from one of the government college Gujarat but his passion toward computer, IT and network security made him an expert in network security. And due to their skill now he is working with the US Army as a network security officer since long.

  • So let’s accept the healthy transition of teaching- learning methodology and celebrate it in your own way.

Despite of all, what not changing with this transition is students and teachers. Still students should have curiosity and teacher should have the courage to make learning simple and interesting but not easy.

Write as for any suggestions, feedback or input that can help us serve you better. We appreciate your time and motivation for reading this.

Thank You

Dr. Jignesh A. Makwana

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