Joint family culture seems more effective fighting corona virus during lockdown condition.

Updated: Apr 12, 2020

Even having very less population, these countries are suffering a lot during this pandemic. We always talks about most populated countries and there crisis, but let’s talk about joint family culture of several countries. When most European and American countries have average house hold size below three, that means most couples are living two or with children as a third person in house. Whereas most populated countries like, India, Pakistan, Indonesia lives in joint family of 5 to 10 person. And this is the point of comparison particularly for lockdown period.

So let’s start the discussion.

During lockdown, it comes little bit easy for countries having high household size as compared to countries where only few members sharing house for living.

Well it is not about population directly, but about joint family culture.

Let’s see how join family culture found more suitable during this lockdown period.

With family of 5 and more members, it’s became easy to go out only one person to arrange daily essential for the family.

A family where parents and grandparent lives separately from their children, found most victim of this deadly disease. In such case, they could not escape from going out for their daily essentials, and it increased the chance of getting affected.

Some dates are also provided here for reference for self analysis and comparison.

Some of the most affected countries by covid-19 as of 8th April 2020

Data source: United Nations Database of Household Size and Composition 2017

Some of the most populated countries

Data source: United Nations Database of Household Size and Composition 2017

I found benefits of joint family during such crisis as under.

Less infected people per family

If we consider family of three generation living separately required at least three people to go out and arrange essentials for living. Thus, there is risk of three person of getting infected per family (6 person) while in case of join family there is risk of one person per family (6 person) of getting infected.

Less burden of daily essential

Second thing is that, joint family required lesser essential commodities as compared to families where member lives separate. This is due to fact that they shares many things like gas, electricity, space which reduces the requirement of foods, floor cleaning materials and other stuffs. In this tough time it reduces overall burden of arranging daily essential for government and suppliers too.

Better mental health

Join family also helps maintaining mental health during this lockdown periods as there are more people to talk, to share and all are together and taking care of each other. Where in the opposite side, separate parent are worried about their children and children are worried about parent but can’t do anything to help each other. This increases the chaos and damages mental as well as physical health.

World wide person per household map

Image source: United Nations Database of Household Size and Composition 2017

World wide corona spread map

So, this was only one perspective of mine as suddenly I realize the benefit of joint family during this tough time. However there are so many different perspective and parameters that affected the conditions of different countries. This is just for discuss benefit of joint family during such crisis.

At last, if I conclude above discussion in single line, I would like to write

“Elder and children are safer in joint family during this crisis.”

Have a healthy life ahead to all of you. Stay at Home.

Thank you for reading till end. Please write your view in the comment section.

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