Should it be law to wear helmet on Bike in India?

India is a country where two wheeler shares 75% of total automobile sales. We uses two wheeler most frequently which no person from any other country can even image. We use for like, "let's go for tea", "let's go for vegetable, let's go for butter milk and let's go for dinner" in single day. Rarely few people use it for highway and that's also occasionally. Further if I share my experience, I am very uncomfortable in controlling bike wearing due to side blindness like blinder we use for horse. Blinders prevent the horse from seeing any direction but straight ahead, therefore eliminating distractions that might make the horse skittish.

Helmet are good only for high speed where we need concentration to straight only without worried about side overtakes and animals on the road. Further we do not have such speed lanes for bikes. Beside it is too difficult to listen horn wearing helmet. Try to take side of someone wearing helmet. So I am total in opposition to wearing helmet by law as there is no sense, in fact it may increase chance of accidents according to our road condition and traffic sense.

Beside everyone wears helmet on highways and hills without law. Everyone knows what they need and when. So as long as it does not affects others lives, I don't think it should be imposed without analyses Indian condition and culture.

It was all about my view.

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