Dr. Jignesh Makwana delivers expert talk and also conduct hands-on practice workshop on various technical topics like electric vehicles,  artificial intelligence, power electronics & drives and special motors.  

Arrange a special training session on latest technical topic for group of 10 to 30 participants at your organization.

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Fundamental of Electric Vehicles & EV Projects

Electrical Vehicle Engineering Course

Fuzzy Logic & Its Implementation with MALTAB

Neural Network & Its Implementation with MATLAB.

Simulation of Power Electronics Converters with MATLAB

Simulation of Electric Drive with MATLAB

Research Trends on Switched Reluctance Motor

Two Day Workshops

Utilize weekends to gain new skills, and practice latest technology. Two day workshops are optimally designed to demonstrate new tools and technology in minimum time with hands on practice. Title of two days workshop are listed here are for referee, however it can also be fully customized.



One Week Workshop

One week workshop is specially designed training session to focus on particular topic for the entire program. It includes theories, application and most important practice sessions develop skill and confidence on the topic or tool.

Practice Session

Assignments & Quiz

Printed Certificate

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Send detail about your program at least 15 days prior.

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